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The Signs

Peace & Love,

The Signs 

I am Kin 43, I define in order to dream measuring intuition, I seal the input of abundance with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of auto-generation. I am a galactic activation portal .

A few heptads ago I kept seeing my kin number 43 everywhere I looked, so finally I looked up the angel number and the explanation of the number that resonated  for me is that it encourages you to take action, not just think about it!  

After reading this I immediately knew I needed to execute and get out of the planning stage and doing so allowed me to focus enough to properly  manifest a job and more. Moving forward, I realize that I tend to become too preoccupied with life that sometimes I'm not paying attention to the signs.   

Welp the universe will get the message to you one way or another and I personally prefer to get the message before too many signs are missed and the consequences of not listening start to wreak havoc in my experience on this journey. So as I was scrolling through facebook doing nothing I started to see the number 43 again and I ignored it, i told myself “not everything is a sign” lol. I keep scrolling and then again 43 so I say to myself “ if I scroll down again and see 43 too ima sit in solitude and figure out what's next “ I scroll down again and I see the number 432 and I immediately started laughing so hard because I read it out loud as 43 too.

To me at that moment The Most High was saying hear is your sign! So NOW you have your sign, are you listening,now that you have thought it, dreamt it, planned it. How and when are you going to put it in action? Why dream of flying if you wont get off the ground. Why dream of swimming if you're afraid of water? Why create a world that you're scared to experience? Why settle for a glass half empty when you can have it full?

So I share my message with you, once you have thought of it, dreamt it, smelled it, tasted it. How, when are you going to align your action to manifest it? Aren't you more than worthy! 

-Nikita kin 43

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What you shared here is so key in gaining confidence in your your intuition and divine signs. Give thanks!

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