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Big Mama kin 81

Peace and love, Beautiful people!

I am still recuperating from the energy of Big Mama (as High Priestess Ma’at would call it), the Red Dragon, and it was electric!

Yesterplasma was pretty heavy; however, it started out pretty good.

This wave spell has me so relaxed to the point that all I want to do is sleep. To be honest, the sleep I've been getting these last few plasmas has been the absolute best, and we are still in the beginning. So at least I know if nothing else, I will be well rested after this wave spell of the blue storm.(lol)

With that being said, that big mama energy had me all in my feelings (like drake). 

If big mama was asking, am I alright, I'm like yeah… but I wanted to be held, nurtured and cared for. 

I just wanted to be on the couch by the window looking outside and to be with my 

memories to commune with my ancestors. 

On kin 81, I was really missing my grandma, my “big mama” but it wasn't from a place of mourning, it came with gratitude and appreciation, while missing the interaction with her energy. 

I also missed the innocence of being a child being carefree and without worry.

My daughter, who is a yellow human, had a pretty emotional plasma as well, in which she explained as her missing the presence of someone. She just wanted to be held and to know that her feelings were okay. So I wonder, how was your kin 81? Your Dragon plasma? How did big mama treat you? 

I felt it, acknowledged it and appreciated it and this rising I got up feeling confident and hopeful. 

Nikita Kin 43

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