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Now Enrolling!

Our Young Melanated Immortals Program is now open for enrollment.  We have curated a specialized 13 week program for your spiritually advanced children.  They will learn what we have been teaching at Melanated Immortals for the past six years giving them a paradigm leap forward in operating in this changing world.

We will host these sessions twice per year during winter and late summer (subject to change).  

This program is free but donations are welcomed.


1. Our Specialties

Our facilitators are parents and educators who have studied with us over the years with the willingness to pour into our children

2. Eligible Ages

We recommend this program for children 7 and older.  Right now we have 3 groups 7 - 9, 10 - 13, and 13 & up.  

3. What we teach

  • Our Children are taught purpose dominance

  • Our Children will learn techniques to over stand the subconscious mind and use the whole mind

4. More...

  • Our Children are taught the truth about birth certificates and how corporations really operate

  • Our children will learn how to use Olmec Cosmology to map their future

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Welcome to Young Melanated Immortals

It's time we teach our children how to align with divine purpose and evolve.  Our specialized program uses the Olmec, Kemetic, and other intersecting African Cosmologies in our teachings.

Help Us Teach Them About Purpose Now

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