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Be the Change U want to C

Introduction to me (Noon, Kin 171) Nu'n-ajaljib-k'in

Greetings, Salutations, Halito, Hola, Great Day and all other greetings with purest love, light, abundance and peace! This is get to know your writer day. Absolve me in at advance for this is a new beginning for me. I will say I am guest blogger. It was suggested to do this in the open to help change my vibration/frequ3ncy and assist others raise their frequency. This is why I say be the change or example of what you want to see in the world. "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

I had listened to Melanin Frequency so many times on Audible since January 2024 and want to find a way to also see the words because I thought sometimes my mind wonders, and I might miss something said. I also listen while driving, sleeping and preforming other takes because I really wanted to make these principles a part of me. That is when I purchase the kindle version and I reached to High Priestess Maat em Maakheru Amen and shared an ideal of combining the Affirmation from Melanin Frequency with the Affirmations of the Harmonics from the book of Kin. I am a baby in both, I excited on how I interrupt these books to what I think will raise our vibration as a collective. With this I am using the concept of

  • Speakin' that thang into existence

  • The Power of the Tongue -the Life or Death

  • Oral/Visualization

  • Manifestation

Whatever you call it, this what I want to do! I want to change and have people keep me accountable to make sure I stay the course and if they ever see me not be authentic, pls inbox me, call me if you know the number, just don't belittle me; I am short enough. LOL

Harmonics is defined as periodic motion repeated in equal intervals of time. The interval of time for a repetition, or cycle, of the motion is called a period, while the number of periods per unit time is called the frequency. Thus, the period of the Earth’s orbit is one year, and its frequency is one orbit per year. Synchronicity is said to be the norm of the universe. We just learned this together. So I would say learning the Tzolkin has its own set of affirmation to go with archetype/solar seals and the galactic tones.

So because I am learning this as I go. I probably will have to explain based on questions because I don't want to complicate it more. If there are 52 Melanin Frequencies-I equated it to the so called 52 weeks

More about the Harmonic

  • four cosmic root race/colors (red, white, blue and yellow),

  • twenty Archetypes (red dragon, white wind, blue night, yellow seed, red serpent, white world-bridger, blue hand, yellow star, red moon, white dog, blue monkey, yellow human, red sky-walker, white wizard, blue eagle, yellow warrior, red earth, white mirror, blue storm, and yellow sun.)

  • thirteen galactic tones (Magnetic, lunar, electric, self-existing, overtone, rhythmic, resonant, galactic, solar, planetary, spectral, crystal and cosmic)

  • five-time cell code (input, store, process, output and matrix) Mathematically you multiple: 13*5=65 Harmonics. Therefore, one of each time cell code is assigned a cosmic root race and one of the galactic tone which in totality equals 260.

I decided to group one a melanin frequency with 5 of the 260 affirmations listed from the Book of Kin in weekly post. I have attended two classes on Tzolkin this year and I am just diving deeper from another perspective; not right or wrong just a different view of the world from my eyes. I hope you enjoy and learn as much as me.

Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopedia. "periodic motion". Encyclopedia Britannica, 9 Dec. 2022, Accessed 28 April 2024.

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Kimberly Hamlin
Kimberly Hamlin
3 days ago

Great Inspiration.. Always embrace growth for without it we die. Open to growing and following your inspirational journey. ✨️


May the Universe and Gaia bless your endeavors in this venture. Looking forward to upcoming articles.


Give Thanks KIN 171!🙏🏼💛 I look forward to what you are bringing forth to support the Collective!

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