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Womb Evolution Technique (W.E.T.) Level One

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This prepares participants for sustainable evolution and to deal with day to day life, traumas, and the path to evolving as the Divine Feminine. There are three levels to this course, phase one awakens, phase two empowers and phase three integrates divine femininity. The evolutionary information and techniques included in this system are like no other. Welcome & Orientation 1. Womb Evolution Technique Welcome 2. Womb Evolution Technique Orientation (W.A.K.E.) Womb Activation Knowledge Events 3. Womb Activation Knowledge Event (WAKE) 2: Who we really are…the mother code 4. Womb Activation Knowledge Event (WAKE) 3: Remembering Your Cosmic Anatomy 5. Womb Activation Knowledge Event (WAKE) 4: UnWombded: The difference between a Womb and a Uterus 6. BONUS: Womb Activation Knowledge Event (WAKE) 5: Getting back to natural time 7. BONUS: Womb Activation Knowledge Event (WAKE) 6: Get to know your “selves” (W.O.K.E.) Wisdom Overstanding Knowledge Enlightenment Part One: Wisdom & Overstanding 1. W.E.T. WOKE Sessions Welcome 2. W.E.T. Wisdom, Part 1 3. W.E.T. Wisdom, Part 2 4. W.E.T. Overstanding: You are the cosmology Part Two: Knowledge & Enlightenment 5. W.E.T. Knowledge: Womb Energy Tones 6. W.E.T. Knowledge: What about physical ailments 7. W.E.T. Enlightenment: Taking responsibility for being God 8. W.E.T. Enlightenment: Taking sponsorship for being God, part 2 9. BONUS: W.E.T. Transcendence Here's what some of our participants are saying about W.E.T.

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Womb Evolution Technique Level One
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