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Unraveling the Dogon Tribe's Secrets: Winter Solstice Unveiled

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

So, picture this: in the heart of Mali, the Dogon Tribe's story unfolds against a backdrop of swirling cosmic energies. And right at the center of their ancient calendar is the Winter Solstice—a time when they dive deep into the cosmic pool of universal secrets.

The Dogon folks take this Winter Solstice thing seriously. For them, it's not just another day on the calendar. Nope. It's a moment when the whole universe decides to bust out some synchronized moves.

Now, what makes this day so special? Well, it's all about Sirius—specifically, Sirius B, a star in the Sirius system. The Dogon knew about this celestial wonder ages before telescopes confirmed it. But, you know, this is how we get down anyway.

During the Winter Solstice, the Dogon perform some serious rituals. We're talking mystical dances, chants that could rouse the stars themselves, and community gatherings form unity bigger than the Million Man March.

They see the Winter Solstice as this door— a cosmic door. It's a chance to let go of old baggage, bring in the fresh stuff, and set goals that could launch a rocket. It's like the sun's rebirth, but for the spirit.

For the Dogon, it's not just about personal growth. It's about syncing up with the whole universal playlist. They're big on this idea of alignment—getting your head, heart, and actions on the same cosmic wavelength.

So, as we roll into this Winter Solstice energy, let's take a page from the Dogon playbook. Let's pause, think, and get our groove in sync with the universe.

As you see, our folks follow the natural cycle of Hibernating during the Winter. The Winter Solstice is more than just a calendar date—let's make it our moment to vibe with the universe, Dogon style.

A great way to hibernate is through meditation and study. Check out M.O.R.E. (Method Of Rembering More) to take a dive in to study. Use coupon code: hibernation9 to get 50% off of the Chakra Course, Woke Course, and the Womb Evolution Technique (WET).

Join us as we bring in the Winter Solstice Melanated Immortal style in alignment with our Dogon Brothers and Sisters.

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