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Schuman Resonance Report: Visions of an Eagle

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

On Gregorian June 18th Kin 136 the Yellow Rhythmic Warrior and Gregorian June 19th Kin 137 the Red Resonant Earth we received a transmission from planet earth which had never been recorded before and had sent the world crazy digging and scratching their heads at what some call a glitch geometry and others like me know what time it is. 

As a seer who had never used her eyes to look at such a thing I was asked to look at this thing called a Schuman resonance which is considered the heartbeat of the earth. 

When my eyes cast upon the image I began to get sucked into it and so my mental cosmic serpent instincts drew my head to the tilt and meditate gently on what my other eye could see. I did not question anything that came to me or up for me then I began to notice that quite simply put there were indeed Vector points marking what looks like a magnitude of faces in loads of directions lining up together. 

Keep looking I say and my mind guided me to certain knowing that those faces I was making out held different energies or frequencies and were indeed beings of some kind and not all from the same dimension.  

The more I looked I encountered a pattern that instantly stood out as the Tzolkin pattern which was deeply coded into this frequency the earth was sending out.

As my gaze became more distant I immediately saw F.A.M.E female and masculine energy unified as one, our very own High Priestess Ma'at em Maakheru Amen goes into great detail in her W.E.T 101 & 202 courses, union between the two energies in one body is the great conjunction Aughra speaks on in the dark crystal movie when the stars align. 

If we are indeed the stars then we must align, as above so below, so below as above.

Further meditation on the image and messages came through in gentle clear wavy flow 

giving clues of the deeper message of the resonance being revealed. Standing together, Oneness, Alignment and different beings coming together like bob Marely's one love notion.

Beings revealing themselves went from olmec cyclops heads, to small eyes and no mouth to massive eyes and big mouths the possibilities of the beings begun to show up in abundance, so much so that when I tried to record all of them some disappeared upon trying to capture them as if they are saying they are not for capture or recording they are just there to deliver their frequency and message hence the scattered tracing of beings I could catch to try and show examples of how they would show up in the resonance,

I respected the fact that not all beings wanted to be captured or shown to be revealing themselves.

After a while my traced beings together began to remind me of this layout and reveal of multi dimensions example multi-dimensions given by this interesting video...Hmmm Interesting.
I am Mother Aughra! I am Thra! Aughra[1]

Aughra or Mother Aughra was the embodiment of Thra, acting as the world's eyes and voice. Created by the Crystal of Truth shortly after Thra's formation in the Age of Innocence to bring peace between plants and animals, Aughra guided the Gelfling in their early development, but later shifted her attention to the stars after being seduced by the otherworldly knowledge of the urSkeks during the Age of Harmony. During the Age of Division, she abandoned Thra in order to explore the Uni-Verse, returning later to guide the Gelfling resistance against the Skeksis.

The collective message is they are waiting for you, me, we, us to take our places in the circuit. 

The frequencies purest energy itself Gives and receives to give again which is a sign of abundance and also showing that it is of benefit to be melanin dominant as the sending and receiving is exactly what our melanin does. Our natural functions are now being amplified and bathed in actual evolution that is shocking and fragmenting and distorting the matrix and its illusion. 

The resonance signal energy like our melanin is very pulling and moving so as we know our melanin bonds with any and everything please do watch your tones and emotions family.


This frequency has the power and option to propel and move things in any direction so stay focused and set your goals in vinals ( Red Dragon to Yellow Sun), no stagnating and keep working on you because as I just said you can get pulled the opposite direction to where you are wanting to go as I did last heptad, but just go with it for we must bare all and face all to evolve truthfully speaking. 

A great way to prevent being pulled in a direction you care not to be facing is to have a plan, set goals, prepare yourself, know your blockages and work on them, take active plasmaly steps to move from your areas of blockage to your areas of power, alignment and integration. If all else fails even with your plans and preparations if you end up in a pickle just affirm your way through that Ish! You are the Cosmos!

These beings are warriors revealing themselves on a warrior plasma, the warriors with rhythmic tendencies, so this also reveals to me that they are about being fearless, question everything and are highly intelligent beings who naturally take the lead at organizing their environment, balancing and creating equality as they go. The number for them to communicate with us and us them is 6 which is a number very relatable to human creation in the world of science with the 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons so this obviously means this is for the betterment of the hueman and DNA upgrades for the Carbon people aka Melanin Dominant.

6 is also our World-Bridger archetype which finds opportunity in all things, brings death to all that is no longer required and equalizes things bringing about harmony and balance.

I gave an explanation in Aligning with the Evolving Cycles back on Kin 175 a Future portal plasma going into details about the beings I had encountered on my look and the main creatures that collectively can be observed or encountered by other kin fam which was indicated in the chat. 

Feminine, Masculine, Turtle, Lizard, Olmec, Frog and Cyclops Warriors are some of the beings that revealed themselves to me.

Check out the replay with your Cosmic Inspired Beings C.I.B Membership which is £32 or $39 per moon, Soon to change to Tiered membership but I will keep you will all see for yourselves.

The Warriors chant " We are the Warriors we are the defenders".  Hoping we will join in the alliance take our place and begin to chant with them. 

There is word of New Earth, New Crystal , New Mineral, New Birth, New Creation and Creating a newness as multiple dimensions align in such a way.

Prepare for the Telepathic age as we are being propelled into it with the backing of the planet and the universe, Ancestors, Star Elders and well ALL. 

A great way to prepare for telepathy is to learn how to use the whole of your mind with the Holomind Perceiver self study course with our very own Holomind Decoder Master Teacher Baba Neb Kenich Cauac Kin 239. To learn the telepathy you must also understand the laws of time which is also a way to get onto natural time showing us how to immediately integrate the 13 moon calendar concepts into our plasmaly lives.

Interesting watch and love the way 5D is simply put.....I mean obviously when he talks about the rising sign and numerology I would refer to Kin number and Higher self in my own destiny cross but yeah a great watch for Tik Tok.

The beings have revealed that the preference of communication is to touch without talking, they particularly will touch from behind in your output chakra, they will touch you very gently as if they are not there so you may sense their presence as opposed to feeling physically. 

If they touch you things will be alright so hold tight if you have been touched and feel the pinch of existence through to lack of planning or knowledge, never fear all will be revealed just keep asking questions. 

Stay calm in the face of panic for this is a time of love and attraction.

These beings hide in plain sight and are unseen to the physical eye, they have come to match your magnetism to you. 

Now is a time to be purposeful and intentional in all that we do, it is a time to focus on Love for unconditional love is no longer a concept that seems so far removed from us it is actually available for us to experience now. 

The Schuman resonance is a low frequency not a negative one but a natural one, 7.83hz is the Earths atmosphere which is of an Electro Magnetic Field. 

Universe carriers we too are emitting our very own Schuman resonance which can be translated into our own calendrical system of tones within the cycles.

The best place to learn more about the Goddess tones we emit and how it is possible please study the 13 Tones of Creation Class which will go very deeply into our internal universal frequencies which we emit with our very existence. 

The benefits of the Schuman resonance  

Positive effects on our health- Improves Cognitive Functions

                                                 Reduces Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

                                                 Enhances Immunity 

                                                 Improves Sleep

Now I can say that since the resonance changed I have observed an improvement in my cognitive functioning, a reduction in stress, anxiety, SPTSD and Depression symptoms are almost non-existent and workable, I have been around many who are sick and keep a strong immunity where I would normally be taken down by something basic like the end of someone's cold or low vibrations do not affect me physically if I come into contact with it. My body is fighting and strong like a warrior, my overall intelligence has increased and boi can I just say the sleep I have been getting you may as well call me a bear or sleeping beauty because the sleep is so sweet, unexpected and very often might I add.

I have also been observing those who are not on natural time and they too are suffering the effects of this new frequency, I was talking with my cousin in her garden late of an evening and she fell asleep mid conversation several times, my aunt has been doing the same sitting up in the living room and falling asleep whilst chatting just as the entire village does in sleeping beauty and my last surviving elder is also crashing sitting up talking to her be it day or night when I stay with her on weekends and these are all very new things to us all. 

Kin 26 Our Cosmic World-Bridger has reported that I too kin 195 have fallen asleep mid-conversation both in the day and night I can also say the same for Kin 26 having fallen asleep mid-conversation, so can not say it is due to being on natural time alone. We are naturally women who withstand long plasmas without dropsy or major tired surges that require naps.

We are all one like Bob Marley Sais "One Love One Heart One Mind let's get together and we will be alright" so will all be affected by this as we are all one and all connected.

Side note that I found out is that Nicola Tesla the guy that created things that could run on water, and so much more actually set and tuned the frequency of the North American Power Grid to the Schuman Resonance of 7.83hz, so does that mean that North of the Americas is of a more natural living frequency and a tad better for your health? I am now wondering if there is any locations in North America that has a more balanced set of people or environments. 

Please know that Electric is 60hz which is the 9th Overtone, this to me shows the tenth archetype being the white Dog of compassion to the power of 6 which as above stated is the power of the human (with 6 Protons 6 Neutrons 6 electrons) twice which again signifies two human beings masculine and feminine in great conjunction with one another.

The double confirmation for me is the White Magnetic Dog kin 170 wavespell's Electric tone of Activating, Bonding and service is the Yellow Electric Human Kin 172. 

The 9th tone is the Solar tone of intention which pulses and realises which is why I say be purposeful and intentional and finally the 5th tone the overtone which is about empowering, commanding and radiance. If you see, feel or connect with the cycle within the cycle then you are on natural time.

The standard Human frequency is 5hz-10hz so we physically range from The Serpent which is our life force to the White dog our compassion and from Overtone which is again empowerment, radiance and commanding to Planetary manifestation, perfection and production.

The Electromagnetic field ranges from 3hz-60hz which is a fine example of the different frequencies there are, we can emit and we have collectively created. 

What I am aware of since embarking on my Holomind 101 Studies is that Men are Electromagnetic in nature and Women are Magnetoelectric which are essentially the same but opposite just as we naturally are. 

Magnetoelectric coupling is where polarizations (lunar tone of challenge tone 2) can be switched and tuned by the magnetic field and magnetisation can be switched via an electric field so in lamas terms a man can help a woman overcome challenges as can a woman help a man to overcome challenges just be being their natural essence. 

Please take coupling a pairing up of two things and not as couple life long partnership as there may be many combinations of polarisation that requires these natural forces. 

We can heal each other by just being with and around each other. Your vibration and natural frequencies are enough to catalyse change and deep healing with no mental intention to do so. The essence of the creation is all that is required in this type of union.

Women which are Magnetoelectric in nature polarise and switch so we pick out the problem then create the change whereas a man who is electromagnetic by nature is going to switch then polarise so they will create change then eliminate the problems. This natural polar opposites have a great effect on one another but only if exposed to one another and used in divine union as initially intended before the great divide. 

Our hearts possess their own magnetic field and our nervous system and brain generates electricity which creates more magnetic fields activity so as you can see we are designed for divinity and to come together as we are perfect matches just as our Avtar is a perfect match for the other four bodies we possess.

So I ask that you Open your Hearts by removing trauma, pain and negative emotions, Allow your mind to fully function by asking your brain to give way and allow your mind to open up. 

I would like you to also know that the, magnetic fields from our hearts cause currents to flow through to our neurons which is the brain and nervous system and this current can completely alter their activity. So the long and the short of it is that you are able to go through a process of neuroplasticity and rewire your nerves and mind about anything you want to by allowing your heart to open.

As baba Nebee Sais to have a change of mind you must have a change of Heart! 

I will catch you in the next Blog which is set to drop on every cosmic tone of the wavespell.

I am your ever loving family member Kin 195 Melodie Blue Cosmic Eagle The Multidimensional Seer.

In Lakech A la kin, Meshkenet Fapo, Hotep Family!

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