Products that support your metaphysical journey

Melanated Mother Code 1st Frequency Meditations

Allow evolutionary communication to confirm the authority of your incarnation through elevating your ancestry from post traumatic slave syndrome and discovering the consciousness of your “reproductive” organs by taking a walk through the ovaries & prostrate.

Great for both the Feminine & Masculine Divine.

260 Spin Personal Incarnation Journal

Follow the next Sacred (Olmec/Maya) Tzolkin cycle with this personal journal.  For more information, go to www.melanatedimmortals.com/260spin

RBG - Melanin Frequency Malas

These are the first of their kind!  Melanin Frequency infused malas hand-made by our Melanated Immortals Priesthood.  The Melanin Frequency began as a 52 week vigil for the betterment of melanin dominant people worldwide.  During this time, we transmitted & magnetized 52 frequency waves.  Each of those waves are infused in the malas.

Use the malas to chant the melanin frequency or your daily affirmation, wear as an amulet, add your own energy, amplify and radiate the Melanin Frequency!

*Orders may take 2 -3 weeks for delivery.

Melanin Frequency Cards

The Melanin Frequency is a 52 Week Energy Vigil for the betterment of melanin dominant people worldwide. These frequency cards are great affirmations for you personally as well as magnetic transmissions for our people worldwide.

The sacred geometric shape represents the ever evolving & influencing nature of the universe. Use the symbol to focus your declaration for the legacy of your family and our people worldwide.

Galactic Purpose Signature (GPS) Report

This report gives you insight into your purpose of incarnation.  It will navigate you through all of your bodies and how to identify when they are active or in shadow.  

Get your official GPS report and reading from the originator of the Galactic Purpose Signature (GPS), Baba Wanique Khemi~Tehuti Shabazz

Whatz In Your Womb?

This book will have you crying, laughing, and just plain tripping out while you follow Ma’at em Maakheru through her journey of finding out what’s in her womb and how to deal with it. Through exploring her experiences you will go on your own journey and work out your issues through a unique series of exercises, and “interludes”. You will discover some “funky little energy” that hems you up and makes you bug out! At the journey’s end, you will have a handle on what and who is in your womb and rediscover your purpose and bring back the Deity in you!

UnWOMBded is an Evolutionary book designed to awaken and unlocked the divine genes laying dormant in the original mothers of this world.  This book will began to  reveal and unseal this ancient knowledge.  This will enable you to:


Release your Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (whether you think you have it or not)

Introduce you to 7 Uterine Functions (reproduction is just one of them)

Put you back in alignment with Natural Time (the Gregorian calendar operates on artificial time)

Reveal & remember your True self (the real Guardians of the Galaxy)


Coming Soon!

Livestream Lessons

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