Law of Time 101

Law of Time 101

What is time? What is the relation between time and human consciousness? Time and spirituality? Time and the next stage of our evolution in the universe?
Clearing away the error of time in the human mind, while elucidating the actual nature of time, the Law of Time sheds light on vistas hitherto unseen and unknown, that all humanity might ascend to its next evolutionary stage. As a new knowledge, the Law of Time lays the foundation for the reformulation of the human mind. The primary g-force that is personified is developmental through learning and decoding your GPS (Galactic Purpose Signature). 


A course on the basics of the Law of Time, in which the 13 Moon-28-
day calendar is taught as a tool that helps us to live by natural cycles,
to receive and understand your personal Galactic Signature. This
tool helps us to raise our frequency and gives us a new lens to view
both our day-to-day planetary and galactic events and how to use these frequencies in our lives.

Difficulty: Beginner



Course Instructor

Wanique Khemi~Tehuti Shabazz Wanique Khemi~Tehuti Shabazz Master Teacher

Full payment

access until August 31, 2021 12:00 am

Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments
access until August 31, 2021 12:00 am

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  1. Tianna Bruce

    I was here trying to locate replays as I’m in need for the 3rd class and I mistaken clicked the wrong button which as marked this course completed. Is there a way of undoing this?

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