260 earth rotations is approximately nine months.  It is the cycle of incarnation.  Our ancestors left a sacred cycle based on our individual incarnation as a direct expression of the Creator, Most High, The All, God, etc.  

Our priesthood uses this calendar of incarnation to hold the frequency of our divinity and mission of MIMEC.  Join us in this sacred vigil to upgrade, advance, amplify, and/or evolve your incarnation.

We will hold Chant Calls for each wavespell (13 day cycle) for the community to experience this shift.   We recommend that you order the incarnation journal and our Melanin Frequency – RBG Malas to support you on the chant calls.

260 Incarnation Focus

Track your journey through your incarnation spin with this personal incarnation journal.  It is available to download as an ebook.  

This download is for the 1st four wavespells.  A different journal will be available for each set of 4 wavespells.

For those that want to follow with Malas designed specifically for this chant, order your Melanin Frequency RBG Malas!